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Michael's ability to express is shown through his wheelwork, sculpture and workshops. Whether from absolutely perfectly thrown porcelain or stoneware clays during his production days, to his present day work, Michael continues to explore all aspects of this medium.

Michael's pottery is available for purchase from this website or at shows. MIchael also teaches at the Civic Art Center in Walnut Creek, CA

Parallel Lives

Parallel Lives - Circa 4700 - 2800 BCE.

Unearthed from archeological digs in and around ancient Sumer and Ur,
these articles were discovered in the many family burial sites.
These vessels represented the concept of people moving together in time
and staying connected.

The paddled sides were finished in different widths and angles as to suggest the different roles people play in our lives and their level of closeness. At times a person would not see family or friends for long periods.When they finally did unite, there was Celebration and story telling.

Often people were very surprised to learn that although there had been much time
and distance between them, there were those certain people who’s lives
had been in Parallel to theirs in feelings and experiences. These vessels were in celebration of those epiphanies.

Reproduced by Michael Berkley Pottery
© 1999-2007

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